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May 2023: New publication!

Hérent C, Diem S, Usseglio G, Fortin G and Bouvier J.

Upregulation of breathing rate during running exercise by central locomotor circuits in mice

Nature Communications (2023);

May 22;14(1):2939. doi 10.1038/s41467-023-38583-6.

Get the full text here.

The neuronal basis for respiratory augmentation during running is a long-lasting question in physiology. Here we demonstrate two neuronal pathways by which the central locomotor network can upregulate respiratory rate in running mice.


Artwork by Rita Felix.


We are a team of neurobiologists. Our research addresses the cooperative roles of the brainstem and the spinal cord in elaborating integrated and adaptative motor behaviors. We focus on locomotion and breathing, vital motor functions and exquisite model systems with privileged experimental accessibility. On the mouse model, we deploy multidisciplinary approaches and concepts interfacing developmental neurobiology, circuit function and behavior. Our methods include ex-vivo electrophysiology, optogenetics & functional imaging in vivo, advanced viral-based circuit tracings and immunohistochemistry.
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The Neuronal Circuits and Motor Control group is part of the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, a mixed CNRS & Paris-Saclay University unit (UMR9197) headed by François Rouyer. 
Our new address is:
Campus CEA Saclay - Bâtiment 151
151 route de la Rotonde
91400, Scalay, France

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