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From physiology, behavior, histology, imaging, to cutting-edge microscopy and data-analysis, we are kept busy while always experimenting new exciting methodological evenues!

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Viral injections in a fully-equipped BSL2 laboratory are used to deliver various neuronal actuators (e.g. opsins, DREADDs, GCaMPs) and retrograde and anterograde tracing tools.

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Data analysis requires various skills interfacing programming, statistics and use of deep learning-based tracking. 


Fonctional investigations include: in vivo optogenetics and calcium-imaging, electromyographic recordings and various motor tests (open-field, treadmill, catwalk,...).

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Our work also has a strong use of histology techniques, including vibratome and cryostat sectionning, immunohistochemistry on tissue sections but also whole-brain clearing techniques.


We utilize a variety of microscopes, including epifluorescent, confocal and light-sheet microscopes to characterize and reconstruct labelled cells and circuits.

Seminars & congresses

Lab members are actively engaged in participating to local and international meetings, presenting their work on posters or with talks.


Poster presentation at the "Neuro-PSI Talents Day" 2019


Coralie presents at the "Neuro-PSI T@lents day", and wins the "most motivated" prize !

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Poster presentation at NeuroFrance 2019


Refreshments in Marseille during NeuroFrance 2019

Lab meetings & Special events

We meet weekly for discussing ongoing work, brainstorming ideas, practicing talks and for reviewing litterature. We also organize one or two "team-building" days per year, where science meets with fun!

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