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Several positions are open, including for lab technicians/engineers, please scroll down.

We are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral scientists or research associates!

Two positions, funded for at least 2 years by ANR and ERC, are available to work on two distinct projects on the neuronal control of movement,  with a focus on descending circuits for locomotion and body movements in health and post-traumatic contexts. Candidates will in particular investigate :


Project 1: the functional diversity of descending brainstem neurons. We will aim to achieve a most comprehensive characterization of reticulospinal neurons' diversity, specialization, and interactions with their upstream and downstream brain areas. We will deploy state-of-the-art viral synaptic tracings, whole-brain histological mapping, gain and loss of functions, calcium-imaging and precise spatio-temporal analysis of movements in freely-moving mice.

Project 2: the genetic determinants underlying the diversity and specialization of descending brainstem neurons, by combining cell-specific labelling with detailed anatomical mapping and single-nucleus transcriptomics. 


For these positions, you should hold a PhD, should be interested in the organization of motor circuits and have some of the following qualifications:

-          Experimental work on transgenic mice (both projects);

-          Stereotaxic surgeries (both projects);

-          Kinematic recordings, machine learning, and behavioral analysis (Project 1);

-          Molecular biology and genomic data analysis (Project 2);

-          Optogenetic and chemogenetic manipulations in rodents (Project 1);

-          Computer proficiency, including with Matlab, R, or python (both projects).

You should also be genuinely motivated, be resourceful, have excellent communication skills, and be sensible to a healthy and constructive team-spirit.

You will be joining a dynamic team of neurophysiologists composed of a Principal Investigator, a Research Associate, a post-doctoral fellow, 3 PhD students and several rotating students. French is NOT required; two lab members are already non-french and the institute is highly international.


You will have access to recent electrophysiological, optogenetic, kinematic and molecular biology equipment and state-of-the-art viral tools and transgenic mice lines. You will evolve in the multidisciplinary environment of the NeuroPSI institute, dedicated to studying brain function from genes to artificial intelligence. Our lab is situated 20 Km south of Paris, in a brand-new building at the heart of the scientific park of Paris-Saclay University.

Interested candidates should send to Julien Bouvier:

- a 2-page statement of interest, summarizing your past work and interest in our team and projects;

- a detailed CV including your education, technical skills, previous funding, and publication list (include preprints);

- at least 2 references who will be contacted for a recommendation.


Applications will be considered until both positions are filled. The contract can start as early as July 2023.

We are also looking for a technician/engineer/data scientist!

In relation to the above projects, we are looking for a research technician or engineer with one of the following profiles:

- Background in molecular biology, histology, or animal experimentation, to assist with histological investigations and neuro-anatomy, perform viral injections and examine mice behavior.

- Background in computer programming, bio-ingineering and machine learning to deploy analytic pipelines for large data sets, implement and optimize video-tracking approaches to analyze fine movements, and design multiple automated paradigms in the laboratory.

For these positions, please send a CV and a statement of interest to Julien Bouvier.

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