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We are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral scientists or research associates on several projects funded by ERC and ANR!


We are looking for two motivated scientists to explore the diversity and specialization of descending circuits for the orchestration of integrated and adaptive movements at the functional, connectomics and genetic levels.


Applicants should be interested in systems neuroscience and motor control, have excellent communication skills, be resourceful and sensible to a healthy and constructive team-spirit and have some of the following skills:

Project 1:

To investigate the diversity of descending brainstem neurons from the anatomical and gene expression standpoints. Approaches will combine circuit tracing, high-throughput sequencing, and histology.

Relevant skills:

  • Tissue dissociation, flow cytometry;

  • RNA sequencing and genomic data analysis ideally at the single cell or single nucleus level;

  • Interest in learning experimental approaches on mice for anatomical and functional investigations.


Project 2:

To investigate the organization and diversity of specific brainstem neurons through their connectivity, activity and function. Approaches will combine advanced viral circuit tracings with in vivo functional imaging, electrophysiology and optogenetics, and behavioral analysis.

Relevant skills:

  • Rodent stereotaxic surgery, behavioral analysis, video-tracking;

  • Fiber photometry and/or electrophysiological recordings and/or optogenetics in vivo;

  • Minimal skills in programming or bioengineering will be a valuable asset.


These projects stem from our recent contributions to the understanding of the modular organization of descending motor circuits (see our publications here), and have the potential to produce other major advances.


You would be joining a dynamic, international, and well-equipped team supported by ERC and ANR in our brand-new multidisciplinary Institute at the heart of the Paris-Saclay cluster.

Interested candidates should send to Dr. Julien Bouvier: a 2-page summary of previous research and interests, a complete CV, and contact details of 2 references.

Positions can start in 2024, for 2 years initially with extensions possible based on advancement.

Download the PDF of this announcement:

We are also looking for a technician/engineer/data scientist!

In relation to the above projects, we are looking for a research technician or engineer with one of the following profiles:

- Background in molecular biology, histology, or animal experimentation, to assist with histological investigations and neuro-anatomy, perform viral injections and examine mice behavior.

- Background in computer programming, bio-ingineering and machine learning to deploy analytic pipelines for large data sets, implement and optimize video-tracking approaches to analyze fine movements, and design multiple automated paradigms in the laboratory.

For these positions, please send a CV and a statement of interest to Julien Bouvier.

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